Pattern Shop

3 highly skilled employees forms the nucleus of our pattern shop team. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and accuracy.

Moulding/Core Making

At GeT Castings we have high skilled mould makers / core makers with years of experience and attention to detail so that we can consistently produce high quality castings.

Melting Furnaces

GeT Castings existing capacity include the following scale:

1 x 600kg induction furnaces

2 x 300kg induction furnaces

1 x 250kg crucible induction furnace for non-ferrous castings

1 x pit crucible fuel furnace for non-ferrous castings

Sampling/Metal Testing

All materials are casted at international specifications, by using a Spectrometer analyzer machine for final analysis before tapping the furnace.


Our company has skilled fettlers and blasting employees, they are well organized to ensure the best quality finish on all castings produced

In Need of our help?

If you have any questions, call us, visit us or simply fill in the contact form. Our team is ready to answer all your questions.